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Sākums » 2009 » Aprīlis » 22 » Interspire Shoppingcart 5.0.2 Vendor Edition
Interspire Shoppingcart 5.0.2 Vendor Edition
9:35 PM

Interspire Shopping Cart was designed with you, the store owner in mind. It runs from your web browser and can be completely customized without editing any HTML files. Combine this with unmatched ease-of-use, built-in marketing tools and business intelligence, and you have fully-featured shopping cart software that contains everything you need to succeed online.

* Be Up and Running in Minutes
* Choose one of the included store designs, type the text for your logo and you're new store is live! Easy-To-Use
* Control Panel
* Manage every aspect of your store from the Interspire Shopping Cart control panel in your browser. Customize Your
* Entire Store
* Use drag and drop to customize your store from your browser. No code changes required! Built-In Business
* Intelligence
* Conversion rates, best selling products, top customers - It's all here.

Important Features at a Glance

* Beautiful Store Designs
* Choose from dozens of industry-specific, professionally designed store layouts.
* Drag & Drop Design Mode
* Arrange your store how you like it using just the mouse. No HTML knowledge required.
* Easy Shipping & Payment Setup
* Integrate your store with all major providers including UPS, PayPal and Google Checkout.
* Built-In Inventory Tracking
* Choose from multiple inventory tracking options, all tied into your order system.
* Sell Physical & Digital Items
* Flexible products system make it easy to sell everything from t-shirts to eBooks.
* Extensive Use of AJAX
* Near instant page loads make it easier for you and your shoppers to get things done.
* Advanced Product Variations
* Create product variations (such as different colors and sizes) in just a few clicks.
* Integrate With Interspire Products
* Add email marketing and self-serve FAQ's to your store with just a few clicks.
* Integrates With Popular Payment and Shipping Providers
* Interspire Shopping Cart integrates with the world's most popular payment and shipping providers, including Google Checkout, PayPal, UPS, USPS and FedEx. For a complete list of supported payment and shipping providers, see the features page.

Learn More About Interspire Shopping Cart
To see Interspire Shopping Cart in action, try the online demo. You can also watch the video tour, see live stores running Interspire Shopping Cart or take a look at the dozens of included store designs that are quick and easy to customize directly from your browser.

Whats new in V5?
Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 includes features which make it easier for you to sell more from your online store. New features such as discount rules, agree to terms and conditions before checkout, custom form fields and delivery/event dates mean Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 is the only e-commerce software you need to sell anything online.

A summary of new features is shown below but we recommend watching the what's new video to see these features in action. We believe that Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 is the easiest-to-use and most fully-featured shopping cart software you'll find anywhere.

Entice Customers to Spend More With Discount Rules
Discount rules allow you to run automated store-wide promotions and special offers, such as "Buy One, Get One Free", "Get $10 off When You Spend Over $100" or "Buy 5 Items and Get Free Shipping".

The discount rules system is extremely flexible and optionally you can stack rules on top of each other so they run in sequence, applying multiple discounts for one order. You can of course disable rule stacking too.

Available rules include:

* Buy X items get free shipping
* Free shipping on orders over $X
* Get an $X discount on orders of $Y or more
* $X discount for repeat customers
* X% discount for repeat customers
* Buy one get one free
* Buy one get something else free
* Get X% off all items in one/more categories

Add Your Own Fields to the Signup Process
Custom form fields allow you to create as many new fields as you like to display on forms which your shoppers fill out, such as when registering for a new account or when creating a new address in their address book.

The custom form field data appears in the customer's profile both from their "My Account" page and in your store's control panel. You can also re-arrange the appearance of the form fields using drag and drop. You can create the following field types:

* Checkboxes
* Date fields
* Multi-line text fields
* Numbers only fields
* Password fields
* Radio buttons
* Text fields
* Pick lists

Agree to Terms & Conditions During Checkout
One of the biggest feature requests was the ability to make customers agree to terms and conditions during the checkout process.

We designed this feature so you could type in your own terms and conditions or link to an existing page on your website.

Tabs on Product Pages
Product tabs make it easier to display a large amount of information about a product without scrolling. You can switch between tabs instantly (no page reloading) and they can also be disabled from the control panel.

Re-Ordering From a Previous Purchase
Once a customer has placed an order, they can now re-order those same items from their "My Account" section. All previously selected information, such as variations and configurable fields are persisted and the items are added straight to their cart.

They can choose to re-order just a few items, or they can re-order everything from their previous order - in just one click.

Export to Any Order/Accounting System
By default Interspire Shopping Cart 5.0 has integrated support for Intuit QuickBooks and also native export support to MYOB and Peachtree, but it takes just a few minutes to create your own export template for whichever accounting and/or order management system you use, including StoneEdge.

You can choose which fields are exported and in which order (drag and drop), specify field delimiters and more. Export templates can be created for orders, products and customers.

Add Multiple Products to Your Cart At Once
Instead of having to click through to view a product then add it to your cart, you can now add multiple items to your cart at once from any category page. Simply type in (or choose from a dropdown, depending on your settings) the quantity to buy and hit the "Add to Cart" button! This option can also be disabled from the settings page.

Multi-Vendor Edition
The multi-vendor edition allows one store to sell products from multiple vendors, and each vendor can manage their own products, inventory, process their own orders, etc.
The multi-vendor edition includes a granular vendor-level permissions system, per-vendor reporting and accounting features, powerful per-vendor shipping zone setup and customization, vendor profiles and more.

Includes: Nulled Script + Templates
File Size: 20,1 MB (21.110.885 Bytes)


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